Running with prosthetic lower-limbs Advantage or disadvantage

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Researchers at Bournemouth University have been looking at the impact of lower-limb prosthetics on competitive running, specifically looking at whether athletes with prosthesis are at an unfair advantage when running against athletes without prosthetics.

The last two Olympic Games in both Beijing and London have had some controversy attached to them regarding the role of prosthetic limbs used by athletes with a lower-limb amputation.

In 2008, South African Oscar Pistorius ran against able-bodied athletes and obtained an Olympic Qualification time in the 400m. In 2012, he changed the way disability is viewed by the world by participating in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the same year. Controversy surrounds the impact of the prosthetic limb technology used by lower-limb amputees. Hossein Hassani, a researcher at Bournemouth University involved in the project, said on behalf of his colleagues, “These prostheses typically involve the use of composite ‘c’ or ‘j’ shaped prostheses and whilst often dubbed ‘Cheetahs’ by the media, are merely a form of energy storage and return springs.”

Previous research has looked at how this technology is perceived by the sports stakeholders and through applying basic engineering

Coaches can be a strong influence in preventing football injuries, say researchers

“With an estimated three million youth aged 7 to 14 years old playing tackle football each year, preventing injuries is key. Our study showed that kids who received a comprehensive education from a coach had fewer injuries,” said lead author Zachary Y. Kerr, PhD, MPH of the Datalys Center for Injury Research and Prevention.

Kerr and his team had athletic trainers evaluate and track injuries at each practice and game during the 2014 football season. Players were drawn from four states, including Arizona, Indiana, Massachusetts and South Carolina. Athletes were divided into three education groups: no coach education program (NHUF) (704 players), Heads-Up education and Pop Warner affiliation (HUF-PW) (741 players) and Heads-Up Only players (HUF) (663). The Heads-Up Football coaching education program was developed by USA Football and the Pop Warner Football program instituted guidelines to restrict contact during practice.

A total of 370 injuries were reported during 71,262 athlete exposures. Individuals in the HUF-PW and HUF groups had lower practice injury rates compared to those in the NHUF with 0.97/1000 athlete exposures and 2.73/1000 athlete exposures, respectively, versus 7.32/1000 exposures. The game injury rate for the NHUF group was 13.42/1000 athlete exposures while

New sports technology provides a GPS alternative

When it comes to recording accurate performance data for elite athletes, GPS technology can’t keep up, a Griffith researcher claims.

Instead SABEL Labs has developed SABEL Sense, an alternative to GPS for tracking running speeds and distances and which is set to be a game changer in the sports performance and wearable technology industries.

SABEL Sense is timely, as sporting organisations in particular consider their options. The AFL recently announced it had switched its GPS provider.

SABEL Labs project manager and research fellow Dr Jono Neville developed a model which presents accelerometers as a viable alternative to GPS in the quest for improved athlete assessment techniques.

His research, titled ‘A model for comparing over-ground running speed and accelerometer derived step rate in elite level athletes’, is detailed in Sensors Journal, which is currently published online and will be in print next month.

Dr Neville said while Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are an important tool for workload management, the devices have limitations when it comes to changes in speed and direction and when they are used indoors, due to their reliance on external satellites.

He said he compared inertial sensor data with

Cycling: A New Social Era

Riding bicycles is nothing new; we’ve been doing it since the mid-19th century. In some parts of the world, the bicycle is a necessary form of transport for the masses, with thousands of people commuting to work on a daily basis. In the West, however, cycling has always been something exclusive to the kids, with most adults preferring to drive or walk. Yet in recent years, there has been a health initiative, encouraging people of all ages, from all backgrounds, to take up this wonderful hobby, and reap the benefits of ahealthier lifestyle.

British Cycling

Formerly known as the British Cycling Federation, this is the main governing body for cycle sport in Great Britain. International competitiveness has improved since the nineties, with Bradley Wiggins perhaps the most well-known cycling star, and others who have ignited a passion in the British for the sport. This has follow-on effect, and more and more people are taking to the roads on their bicycles, motivated by our athletes’ successes.

“Ride Social” is a campaign backed by British Cycling, and the emphasis is on group rides, with social media providing the perfect communication platform. This has fast become the largest

Pickleball Paddles -Some of the Factors to Consider While Buying One

Introduction –

Pickleball is a happy combination of three different games badminton, ping pong and tennis. It was first invented in the year 1965. The game became very popular amongst all age groups. The most interesting thing about the pickleball game is that it can be played both in indoor and outdoor courts.

One of the most important equipment in a pickleball game is the paddle. The paddle makes the game different from badminton, tennis and ping pong. As the game started gaining popularity, many different types of paddles were introduced in the market.

There are different types of paddle available in the market today. It is quite difficult to choose the perfect one for your game.  There are basically only three important factors to consider while choosing a pickleball paddle for your game – material, weight and grip size. Here are three factors explained to you in detail:-

  • Material –

A paddle is available in three types of materials wood, graphite and composite. Wood paddles are the first type of paddle used for this game. They are heavier than any other material paddle available in the market. Wooden paddles are cheaper. If you are beginner in this game, it is best

Get Fit and Learn to Dance

Being the start at college or university is the dream of almost every student around the globe. How to become one? You can either fail completely and become famous through youtube or show off in a good way and actually become a famous person at college or at least your faculty. But in case of the former option, you are not likely to love your fame, whereas the second one brings great pleasure. In any case, you need to do something outstanding to be noticed by the masses.

Most frequently students hand out at discos and in night clubs and this is where your startlight hour is. If you can show people that you are a great dancer, like in the movies, you can actually become a popular person.. You may even join college’s team of modern dance and then travel around the country winning competitions. Now the question is how to do so. And the answer is to find a modern dance trainer or school, work hard and become a star. Below we prepared several tips to help you choose dance school or teacher for you.

  1. Recommendations

The easiest way to find a good school

Benefits of kickboxing workouts for your shape

Kickboxing is a good technique to tone your whole body and reach a first-rate cardiovascular workout. What’s more, kickboxing is a very strong and energetic exercise type; as a result you will need to plan on taking a high level of inspiration and strength to every workout. Additionally, good kickboxing workouts offer a large array of movements and sequences that a lot of individuals find enjoyable and engaging. By practicing an exercise type that is varied and includes a wide range of movements, your chance of sticking with the program develops radically.

In lots of cases, this number of calories will involve around one-quarter of that person’s every day caloric intake. This being the reason, kickboxing is an extremely effective addition to nearly anybody’s weight loss fitness program.

Take into account that participating in an activity like kickboxing does more than just train your muscles, working with Revmma fitness personal trainer you will be sure to get the most of your classes. In addition, students must work on stretches to efficiently and safely complete the

Holiday Plans: See the Country by Bicycle

Of the many ways to travel and enjoy the scenery and culture of a country, rolling at an easy pace on a bicycle has become one of the most popular choices. Companies now specialise in cycle tours, focusing on the details for you so that your main task is to ride and relax. For some, it is easy to dismiss this type of holiday as suitable only for the very young and very fit. But the truth is different.

Leading tour operators now offer a range of tour levels, so that fitness and age are not so much a concern. The more adventurous among the cycling enthusiasts enjoy the independence of most cycle tours, as the supplier fits a bicycle to individual needs, provides necessary maps and written directions and ensures that luggage and other belongings are available at day’s end.

Assisted Holiday

Most of the tours offered by leading providers are self-directed. But this does not mean you are handed a bicycle and sent out to have experiences, good and bad, on your own. Representatives of the tour company remain available throughout your journey, providing directional advice and mechanical support should that become necessary.