Running with prosthetic lower-limbs Advantage or disadvantage

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Researchers at Bournemouth University have been looking at the impact of lower-limb prosthetics on competitive running, specifically looking at whether athletes with prosthesis are at an unfair advantage when running against athletes without prosthetics.

The last two Olympic Games in both Beijing and London have had some controversy attached to them regarding the role of prosthetic limbs used by athletes with a lower-limb amputation.

In 2008, South African Oscar Pistorius ran against able-bodied athletes and obtained an Olympic Qualification time in the 400m. In 2012, he changed the way disability is viewed by the world by participating in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the same year. Controversy surrounds the impact of the prosthetic limb technology used by lower-limb amputees. Hossein Hassani, a researcher at Bournemouth University involved in the project, said on behalf of his colleagues, “These prostheses typically involve the use of composite ‘c’ or ‘j’ shaped prostheses and whilst often dubbed ‘Cheetahs’ by the media, are merely a form of energy storage and return springs.”

Previous research has looked at how this technology is perceived by the sports stakeholders and through applying basic engineering

Coaches can be a strong influence in preventing football injuries, say researchers

“With an estimated three million youth aged 7 to 14 years old playing tackle football each year, preventing injuries is key. Our study showed that kids who received a comprehensive education from a coach had fewer injuries,” said lead author Zachary Y. Kerr, PhD, MPH of the Datalys Center for Injury Research and Prevention.

Kerr and his team had athletic trainers evaluate and track injuries at each practice and game during the 2014 football season. Players were drawn from four states, including Arizona, Indiana, Massachusetts and South Carolina. Athletes were divided into three education groups: no coach education program (NHUF) (704 players), Heads-Up education and Pop Warner affiliation (HUF-PW) (741 players) and Heads-Up Only players (HUF) (663). The Heads-Up Football coaching education program was developed by USA Football and the Pop Warner Football program instituted guidelines to restrict contact during practice.

A total of 370 injuries were reported during 71,262 athlete exposures. Individuals in the HUF-PW and HUF groups had lower practice injury rates compared to those in the NHUF with 0.97/1000 athlete exposures and 2.73/1000 athlete exposures, respectively, versus 7.32/1000 exposures. The game injury rate for the NHUF group was 13.42/1000 athlete exposures while

New sports technology provides a GPS alternative

When it comes to recording accurate performance data for elite athletes, GPS technology can’t keep up, a Griffith researcher claims.

Instead SABEL Labs has developed SABEL Sense, an alternative to GPS for tracking running speeds and distances and which is set to be a game changer in the sports performance and wearable technology industries.

SABEL Sense is timely, as sporting organisations in particular consider their options. The AFL recently announced it had switched its GPS provider.

SABEL Labs project manager and research fellow Dr Jono Neville developed a model which presents accelerometers as a viable alternative to GPS in the quest for improved athlete assessment techniques.

His research, titled ‘A model for comparing over-ground running speed and accelerometer derived step rate in elite level athletes’, is detailed in Sensors Journal, which is currently published online and will be in print next month.

Dr Neville said while Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are an important tool for workload management, the devices have limitations when it comes to changes in speed and direction and when they are used indoors, due to their reliance on external satellites.

He said he compared inertial sensor data with

Getting Full Use Of Your Game Space

Volleyball is one of the most fun and engaging sports out there. It can be played virtually anywhere—that is, if you’ve got the right net. Most who enjoy the game of volleyball use portable nets, but there are some nets which actually have clear advantage over others; both in their durability and the maximization of practice.


Things To Look For In The Right Net

One of the most important aspects of the net you choose for volleyball is portability. You are going to want to play outdoors when the weather is nice—that’s a core aspect of the fun of volleyball. But when the weather’s bad, you need to be able to bring that net indoors.

Additionally, you’re looking for stability. The right net should maintain its tensile strength for the duration of the game, and beyond. Many nets are poorly constructed and will quickly sag, requiring adjustments which stretch out the length of the game and can really diminish momentum.

Something that’s really worth looking for in a net is the way in which it is secured. Nets that

Top Tried and Tested Tips and Techniques for Increasing Your Winning Chances at Online Slot Games

First things first: before you get carried away thinking that you can manipulate an online slots game in order to win, you should remember that, at its essence, slots are games of luck or chance. There is really no certain or concrete way in which you can manipulate the results of the game. The best you can do to maximise your chance of winning is to play smart and play with a good knowledge of how these kinds of games work. That being said, here’s what you need to know to increase your winning chances at online slot games:

Decide on your bankroll

bankBefore you even begin playing at any online gaming site, you should already decide on your bankroll. It’s very important that you stick to your determined bankroll so that you won’t end up losing more than you could afford. If you prefer, you can even open a distinctly separate account for your online games so you do not end up dipping into your household or personal finances.

Before choosing an online casino site

Before you select an online site for

How to Protect Your Side by Side Products

After you buy new accessories for a side by side, you’ll need to practice safe driving habits to protect your investments. According to experts, there are several ways to increase safety while traveling off-road in a UTV vehicle.

Driving Considerations

When driving in off-road environments, always steer the vehicle in open areas. Try to avoid any locations that have paths that aren’t over 50 inches wide because you may accidentally scratch the vehicle’s exterior accessories.

The bed can’t hold a lot of weight, so you shouldn’t let your passengers sit in this area. If you drive the UTV in this situation, the entire vehicle by flip over.

Develop a Travel Routine

To increase safety, always study maps of new areas before you take off-road trips. This strategy will help you avoid trails that aren’t suitable for your side by side.

If your neighborhood gets a lot of harsh weather, check the forecast in advance. Heavy rain can damage your interior accessories, so try to schedule your trip on a sunny day.

In some areas, the terrain has ridges that make steering and driving tasks challenging. If you’d like to test your skills, considering taking a course in your city that covers off-road driving.

Avoid Risky Driving Areas

If you’re

Choosing the Very Best Fly Fishing Tackle


Fly Fishing is seen as a very exciting sort these days as it is gaining more and more popularity over the years.  It helps you explore a completely new side of the same old good sport of ours. Fly fishing includes using a fly to catch fish using a fly rod, reel and specialized weighted line. Fly fishing rods are helpful in casting a fly to catch fish. This is done by creating momentum in the fly line as well as controlling its direction and distance. The size and type of the fish you intend to catch has a big role to play in choosing the best flying fish tackle.

Ways to Choose Very Best Fly Fishing Tackle

It is a tough decision to choose the best fly fishing tackle for you because there are a number of sizes, shapes, and weights of fly fishing tackles available. The choice is a tough one to make but few steps can definitely save you from a lot of hassle as it will help you make a good decision in no time and in this way you will save a lot of time and money.

How to choose the best climbing equipment

Type ‘climbing equipment’ into a search engine and undoubtedly you will have thousands of results back on your screen within milliseconds, however, if you are wanting the best climbing equipment you can get then you need to ignore the scam artists or second hand sellers that are seemingly everywhere these days.  So just how do you do that?  Pretty simply ………. use some old school tactics – get out there and visit some stores.

There are various stores dedicated to providing the type of equipment you would need for climbing and they offer a wide range from different providers which will give you the best chance to you of finding something of quality and great comfort, which is something you will definitely require when climbing.

Another benefit of getting out and about and visiting a store is that the staff that work there will have a full working understanding about most of, if not all, the products within the shop and they will be able to give you the features and benefits of them all to allow you to decide on what is the ‘best’ for your circumstances.

Further benefits include being able